Singapore Property Tour

Brand New Singapore Property Tour

Welcome to the jewel of South East Asia, Singapore. The world’s fasting growing economy in 2011, witness how Singapore transforms from a fishing village to a modern cosmopolitan city in just 50 years. Credit to the founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew who’s vision made Singapore into a vibrant city that you will see!

About the Singapore Property Tour

This is an excellent opportunity for any property investor who wishes to find out first hand about real estate in Singapore. Definitely, the fastest way to learn about the Singapore property market by an actual hands-on trip. Get to know Singapore’s latest transformation master plan where you can examine fast growth areas and gain first-hand knowledge of the various investments talks during the trip.

Learn about how You can get your hands on one of the investment properties from the Bankers and Lawyers who gives you the confidence to invest in Singapore’s steady economy and growth plans.

The Singapore Property Tour over 3-day 2-night tour costs only HKD4,888 – return flights from Hong Kong plus your hotel stay.

Tour Itinerary

Location: Singapore
Language: English and Cantonese guides will be provided

Who Should Attend

  • Investors who are interested in Singapore investment properties, but are not familiar with the Singapore market.The Singapore Property Tour promises to show you the fast growing areas envisioned by the Singapore Government and how you can benefit from the Singapore transformation.
  • Investors who want to invest in Singapore properties but do not know how to pick out the gems from the wide selection of properties.
  • Investors who want to know about the ownership process in buying a Singapore Investment property.

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